Pregnancy and Paleo

First-time Paleo moms could be very much worried about their diet the moment they knew about their pregnancy. Moms-to-be (and dads-to-be too!) are wondering what adjustments they are required to make in order to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

It is extremely important to have a knowledge of what you are going to expect during your pregnancy, especially if you’re a first-time mom. Those tips and tricks you have learned from your mom are not enough until you are actually in the situation.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, 9 out of 10 women experience some forms of aversion, cravings, morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting. However, only 1 in every 5000 pregnant women may experience nausea and vomiting that requires serious medical attention.

On the other hand, the remaining trimesters of pregnancy will not be as hard for most women. Some may even feel normal again right after the first trimester. However, serious attention to your diet is still important even after your baby is born.


Dealing with Cravings and Aversions

Some people say the weirdest cravings you’ll ever hear are from pregnant women. But how are you going to deal with cravings when you’re on a strict Paleo diet?

Most pregnant women crave for junk food. Some people might actually push you into going wild during pregnancy — that it is pretty normal and socially acceptable to gain weight during pregnancy. Well, it’s true! It is indeed healthy and normal to gain weight if you are getting those additional (but not excessive) pounds the right way.

One best thing to help you deal with cravings is to postpone it. If you can wait for a couple of minutes or fight the urge to get it in a snap, then do so. You’ll never know you have already forgotten all about those unhealthy cravings. Also, avoid passing by the junk food aisle at the grocery store, or better yet, ask someone else to do the grocery shopping for you.

But the thing is, the Paleo diet alone significantly reduces cravings simply by reducing your taste for processed and junk foods. Therefore, you are less likely to crave for unhealthy food.

Besides cravings, another problem pregnant women encounter is food aversion. The most common food aversion so far is the aversion to protein. Ironically speaking, pregnant women are actually advised to eat more red meat to prevent iron deficiency because they are the most susceptible to it.

But some Paleo experts say there is nothing much to worry about. What you have to focus on is the food quality rather than the micronutrient percentages you get from the food you eat. Just for you to know, you only need just 200-300 extra calories during pregnancy.

The body is so smart that it produces certain hormones that help in acquiring and storing nutrients your body needs during this period.

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