Big Fat Lies About The Atkins Diet

Are you a fan of a low-carb diet? Some people think that it is the best kind of diet for everybody, but turns out it’s not. You have to consider the condition of your body before trying this one out. Also, not everything you read on the internet is 100% true, so you really have to research and read various articles for reference. How much information do you really need to determine if the Atkins Diet is really for you?

Atkins Diet is also popularly known as the low-carb diet which is one of the favourite diets of people who want to build body muscles. According to research, this diet can reverse many common illnesses and diseases, which includes diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome and many few others. However, there may be some lies about this diet that you probably haven’t discovered yet.


Atkins is the best diet for everyone

You may have read articles that promote the Atkins Diet as the best diet for everyone. Fact is, every individual has his own needs that may be different from others. Atkins diet is especially helpful for those who want to shed pounds. For some people, this diet may be effective for their weight loss people, but for some this low-carb diet can be detrimental. Therefore, this diet is not for everyone.


All Carbohydrates Turn into Sugar

It is true that carbohydrates are broken down into “sugar,” but this statement can be misleading for other people. Other people who are not chemists tend to interpret “sugar” as the white, unhealthy granular stuff, making people think that potatoes and candy bars have the same “sugar. The fact is, table sugar consists of half fructose, half glucose while starch is only glucose. It is the fructose portion of sugar that is most harmful, while glucose does not have the same effect.


Atkins Diet removes mostly water, not fat

It is common for most weight loss plan – including Atkins diet – that the weight lost is mainly water (diuresis) during the first few days, of even the first week. However after diuresis, when an individual is engaged in a controlled carbohydrate plan, their body switch from burning carbohydrates to burning stored body fat. This burned stored fat will then be converted to energy, thus resulting in weight loss.


If the Atkins Diet is on your interest list, then you probably need to have enough information before you can say it is the appropriate diet for you. There are many myths and misconceptions about this diet that you must understand in order to avoid it. Always remember, your health is always at risk.

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