15 Delicious Berry Dessert Recipes To Try At Home

berry dessert recipes

Berries are becoming more and more popular.  A lot of people include berries in their daily meals or diets, which is actually good! Research shows that berries are one of the healthiest fruits or foods in the world.

Berries have amazing health benefits. They have high levels of phytochemicals that help prevent cell damage. They can also help you to be mentally sharp, to boost your heart health, and helps you control your weight due to its fiber and liquid content.

Also, berries have very good levels of anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins that will help keep you healthy and get your much-needed nutrients. A lot of people would say that you don’t need a pill, just eat berries and you’ll get your daily dose of healthy!

Now in case you want to change things up with your berries, there are several easy recipes that use berries. You can try using Goji berries, blueberries, acai berries, bilberries, blackberries, and cherries. Name it and you have it.

Here are some easy berry dessert recipes we have scoured over the web just for you. Hope you get to try them all! Just click the links to see the step by step directions for each.

1. Buttermilk-Glazed Cherry Sheet Cake

This cherry-studded cheesecake is perfect for brunch. It looks beautiful and definitely delicious. Glazed with buttermilk, this cherry cake is sure to tickle your sweet tooth. It makes 12-16 servings and you only to spend a good 2 hours and 35 minutes for it. Maybe you’ve got some time over the weekend?

2. Raspberry Limeade Granita

All you need are some fresh raspberries to blend coupled with other easy ingredients and you’ll have a fresh and fruity shaved ice dessert to go. This is remarkably perfect for parties at home! You just have to prepare it ahead of time so that it’s chilled and yummy.

delicious berry recipes

3. Buttermilk-Blackberry Pops

You will surely love these popsicles. You don’t even need to purchase a reusable mold to make them because paper cups will do. Kids and kids at heart will love these too.

4. Pineapple-Raspberry Parfaits

Aside from this dessert is healthy, you can easily make it during a busy weeknight as it’s super easy to assemble. It’s ready in 5 minutes!

5. Blueberries with Lemon Cream

Any type of berries can be used for this quick and easy recipe. Although blueberries alone are enough to give you comfort, blending vanilla yogurt and reduced-fat cream cheese adds pizzazz to this recipe.

 delicious berry recipes

6. Cranberry Orange Nut Cookies

These cookies are perfect for gift giving and dessert in lunchboxes. Since the holidays are coming up, you can start making batch by batch of these. Your family, friends, and loved ones will be truly grateful.

7. Raspberry Custard Brulee

These mouth-watering layers of raspberries and custard topped with caramelized sugar are a picture of elegance and simplicity at the same time. Preparation is only approximately 20 minutes of your time. You’ll be happy you spent it making this delicious dessert.

8. Triple Red Berry Dessert Sauce

Got ice cream? Top it with this triple red berry sauce. It’s gorgeous, delicious, and healthy, plus it only takes 20 minutes to complete. It’s a nice way to add some hint of flavor to your ice cream.

 delicious berry recipes

9. Chocolate Berry Meringue

Who doesn’t love chocolates? With this chocolate meringue, you can use your favorite berries and finely shredded bittersweet chocolates. Done in 5 minutes!

10. Blueberry Buttermilk Sherbet

How does a homemade ice cream sound to you? We definitely dig it, thus this blueberry buttermilk sherbet – perfect for family and friends bonding.

11. Blueberry and Blackberry Galette with Cornmeal Crust

This dessert is a winner – it’s simple and yummy with rich and buttery pastry dough! Described as a rustic summer tart, this winning dessert will surely make you a star in the eyes of your family and friends.

12. Toasted Barley and Berry Granola

In this recipe, you’ll get to try using barley instead of your usual oats. It’s been said that rolled barley flakes have more fiber than rolled oats. You can serve them over plain low-fat yogurt.

 delicious berry recipes

13. Strawberry-Avocado Salsa with Cinnamon Tortilla Chips

Strawberry and avocado combined is a crowd favorite. Adding cinnamon tortilla chips won’t hurt either. Here you go, indulge!

14. Red Velvet Raspberry Cupcakes

Red velvet is something! How much more if we add raspberries? These cupcakes are going to be a hit whether during special occasions or a simple gathering.

15. Blackberry Lemon Ice Cream Pie

No need to be guilty because this ice cream pie recipe is healthy – with high fiber, low sodium, and also vegetarian. Yum!

Hope you got some ideas with these berry yummy recipes!

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